Laboratory Multi-Functional Dyeing Machine


It is the most widely-used tester in ......



Oscillating Dying Tester

This machine is one type of easy-operation  .....


The Air Circulating Type sampling dye machine

The air heat circulating type sampling dye machine...


Metal Heat Conduct Dyeing Machine

Different from the traditional dyer that uses ......


Pneumatic Type Padding Mangle Machine

The rubber roller is pushed by compressed air....


Mini Dryer

This machine is a desk-top design which is .....

Precision Convection Oven Tester

This machine uses heating thermostatic method ...

Metal Heat Conduct Dyeing Machine

Environmental protection type special-purpose...


Rotary Glycerol Dyeing Machine

This dyer is designed exclusively for weave fabric..


Formula management station

Infrared Rays Dyeing Machine

Lab formula parts

Laboratory Tenter

Water-washTesting machine

Round tube dye sample machine

Dusting Propensity of Powder Dyes

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