Setting Machine Resin Automatic Dyestuff dispenser


Main Benefit And Feature

1. Automatic continuous dyestuff dispersing according to formulas, voice-indicating movement and abnormal alarming.

2. Dyestuff dispensing volume is determined according to working-card processing volume that can make the adjustment of addition or decrease according to processing surplus volume any time to lower the waste of assistants.

3. Enhance the stability of the system by working with the non-step pressure level controller developed by our company.

4. Rapid and accurate for the water volume record by the water meter.

5. Custom-made for our customers to plan the most economical and practical operation methods.


One-to-Many Economical Structure

1. One automatic dyestuff dispensing station, with a maximum of four sets of setting machines supplied.

2. It takes about 4-7 minutes for the completion of the dyestuff dispensing and transportation time each time.

3. Applied to low-concentrated resin and non color-pressing operation method.


One-to-One High Efficiency Structure

1. One automatic dyestuff dispensing station supplies one set of setting machine.

2. Applied to high-concentrated resin and rapid processing, or to the operation method with assistants that is not suitable for transport.




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