Laboratory Multi-Functional Dyeing Machine

It is the most widely-used tester in dyeing engineering that is applied to each type of fiber cloth and yarn materials as well as to each type of dyestuff in the high- and constant- temperature of dyeing, and used in the dispersion, even dyeing and penetration of assistants.  Moreover, such tester can work best to inspect the equipment with the level of washing durability that meets the norm requirements of ISO and AATCC code.



Rapid acceleration and lowering of the temperature, variable liquor ratio, easy operation, small volume that occupies less space, and the size of sampling cloth with high applicability.

TYPE Specification


Maximum working temperature 145J
Disc speed

42 2 RPM

Specification of dye pot

Number of dye pot Has 12 pots dying positions or 24 pots in one compartment
Heating method Electrothermic type
Voltage 220V380V(designate at the time of purchase)
Dimension of machine


Other selection

yarn frame, fabric frame or other machine models that can designate the production







Model number for temperature controller: E Micro-computer control type

                                                                   P Multiple-program control type

Volume of steel pot: 150 ml, 450 ml,

                                 850 ml (A4 specification), 6000 ml

Model number of steel pot: S General steel cup,

                                           L Long steel pipe

Method to lower the temperature:  ACooling disc pipe,

                                                      C Glycerine circulating type


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