Infrared Rays Dyeing Machine


¡DThe infrared ray dyeing machine is the latest technology of laboratory, with the halogen lamps heating must not be hot media is clean, environmental friendly and no soot pollute.

¡DDyepots adopt in 3D rotary disc it can obtain excellent dyeing repeatability,highly evelling, flat cloth sample result.

¡DSpecial hot-blast circulation design, the repeatable results is good that high temperature of more than 130 ¢J is dyed.

¡DTemperature detector is fixed design, fault rate is low.



¡DThere are more diversified choices and match application of dyepots.

¡DThe symmetrical infrared ray shines, have the same reproducing of every dye-pot, and there are no dead angles of pot-position location.

¡DOpen the door or the machine stop which is going to cut off the heat power automatically of safe design.

¡DMachinery is of simple structure, firm, durable.

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