Metal Heat Conduct Dyeing Machine

Environmental protection type special-purpose model in order to develop to the person who weaves cotton cloth factory industry of dyeing machine of leftover of bolt of cloth, the cup of steel of the large capacity is designed, try dyeing the leftover of bolt of cloth perfectly and fast in enough whole code, in order to shorter the time of drawing a design, the fast reaction marker, and improve the quality of weaving cotton cloth, strengthen the market competitiveness.


.Replace glycerine with the white iron sand, environmental protection is pollution-free, offer and weave cotton cloth the clean wording environment without soot of factory.

.No matter heat or cool, save the electricity again fast, and save the glycerine consumptive material and buy the cost..

.Is it operate simple and easy to have, and can fast, advantage that high efficiency dye.

.To accord with and weave cotton cloth the factory is' a small amount of and various even more the elasticity connects the single production demand.




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