The Air Circulating Type sampling dye machine

The air heat circulating type sampling dye machine technical application which is take from the hot-blast circulation oven, and concurrently has environmental friendly of infrared ray dyeing and hot evenly result of glycerol dyeing machine.



DMechanical structure and operating with the former glycerol dye machine selfsame and the prescription and accessories can be totally continued to use such as the dyepots etc..

DDyepots of 150cc and 450cc capacity, can share a machine through changing a device.

DCool quickly, 130J drops to 70J it nearly 15 minutes, needn't lower the temperature after the dyepots appears, can make the next dyeing at once, conform to the requirement for environment friendly of the water and electric economized.

DThe patent draught fan design, the temperature distribute is even, the reproducing is good.

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TYPE Specification


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